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  • The Last of The Editions - Jim Rennert Sculptures

    Jim has had a very strong following at the Vail gallery in the last few years.  Several of his pieces are down to the last one in the edition.

    Call us to add a piece to your collection (970) 476 3570

    Here is the current list of lasts:


    "Entrepreneur"         "A Step Ahead"                                "Think Big"                  "Ingenuity"

    #9 of 9                      #3 of 3                                              AP, #1 to 3 Sold           #3 of 3


    "Perspective"                     "Next Generation"                    "Rat Race"                                "Bridging the Gap"

    #3 of 3                                #3 of 3                                      #7 of 9, Almost sold out year 1      #9 of 9

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